Herbal Supplements – Back in The Groove Of Sexual Health

It has been explicitly mentioned how the male sexual drive slightly declines with age. The reduced production of testosterone by the adrenal gland triggers a somewhat deteriorating sexual response that is marked by loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, or perhaps weakened erections. But while biological factors point to the age of forty as the starting line for this condition, sexual dysfunction can also affect younger adults.More than a degenerative phenomenon, sexual dysfunction is an indicator of overall systemic health. Thus, popping a wonder pill to this end will not work to sustain reproductive wellness. Restoring healthy sexual energy and functioning requires a holistic approach that will not only treat the symptoms but also nurse the reproductive system back to health. And where else do you turn to for this particular type of treatment but with an herbal supplementformula, such as Ikawe; a potent combination of herbal remedy extracts that manifest the healing powers of nature in each therapeutic drop.Every dosage activates the synergistic elements of natural libido enhancers, reproductive system tonics, physical energy boosters, and aphrodisiacs that likewise perform distinctive functions critical to reproductive health. The tonic herbal remedies Siberian Ginseng and Glycorrhiza Glabra stimulate adrenal cortex functions while the herb Sarsaparilla aids in the production of hormones testosterone and progesterone. Although one of the more recognized benefits of the Siberian Ginseng involves enhancing blood flow to the brain and penis. Apart from boosting libido and physical energy, the herbal remedy Sabal Serrulata treats impotence and prostate enlargement while the herb Lirosma Ovata specifically treats erectile dysfunction. Also a component herb of the herbal supplement formula is Turnaria Aphrodisiaca, a natural aphrodisiac that stimulates the nervous system to improve sexual desire and energy.Unlike herbal supplements, medications are simply not formulated to provide treatment for underlying diseases to which sexual dysfunction is a symptom such as diabetes mellitus, obesity, anemia, depression, tumors and a weakened immune system due to stress. Although drugs can fleetingly accelerate the sexual drive to peak levels, boost physical strength, and probably provide temporary relief from bouts of impotence and premature ejaculation, think about the addictive properties and harsher side effects these reactive chemicals can have on the unaffected organs of the body. Side effects are something you won’t find in use of an herbal supplement formula.Why waste your time on medications and pills that offer but a fleeting relief from sexual dysfunction apart from the empty promises of sustained reproductive healing? Whether it’s a degenerative factor or some underlying disease that’s getting in the way of copulation, trust that an herbal supplement formula will work its way to restore your libido as well as treat relevant diseases in order to resolve once and for all the misery of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, weakened erections, and a simple loss of sexual stamina that counts a lot in the context of male virility.